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10 Football Clubs Owned By Famous Celebrities

The landscape of football club ownership has evolved drastically from its roots in community, church, and student ownership, becoming a venture predominantly led by investors and wealthy elites, including global corporations and private individuals. Yet, there remains a blend of ownership models, with some clubs still firmly rooted in their communities and others navigating multiple investor scenarios.

Recently, a new trend has emerged: celebrities from the entertainment world stepping into the football club ownership arena. This has been especially noticeable following the notable success of Wrexham FC in the National League, primarily driven by its celebrity owners.

Below are 11 football clubs where celebrities have stakes, either individually or alongside other stars:

1. LeBron James (Liverpool)

NBA legend LeBron James ventured into football by acquiring a 2% stake in Liverpool FC through his involvement with Fenway Sports Group (FSG) in 2011, which also handled his marketing affairs. His investment was initially valued at around $6 million.

2. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (Wrexham AFC)

The dynamic duo of Reynolds and McElhenney took over Wrexham AFC in February 2021, infusing significant funds and administrative resources, leading to its promotion to the EFL and revitalization, including a $50,000 donation to their women’s team.

3. Elton John (Watford)

Sir Elton John, a lifelong fan of Watford, became the club’s chairman in 1973 and guided it through significant milestones, including its first Premier League appearance in the 80s, before stepping down in 2017 after several terms at the helm.

4. Will Ferrell (Los Angeles FC)

Comedian and actor Will Ferrell is part of the 26-member ownership team of MLS’s Los Angeles FC, which also includes sports legends like Mia Hamm, Nomar Garciaparra, and Magic Johnson. Ferrell, a proclaimed Chelsea supporter, joined in 2016.

5. Natalie Portman and Christiana Aguilera (Angel City FC)

Angel City FC, which launched in the National Women’s Soccer League in 2022, boasts a star-studded ownership group including Natalie Portman, Serena Williams, Eva Longoria, and others, highlighting its commitment to female empowerment in sports.

6. Michael B. Jordan (Bournemouth)

Inspired by Reynolds and McElhenney, actor Michael B. Jordan joined a group led by American businessman Bill Foley to acquire Bournemouth in December 2022, taking a significant stake in the Premier League club.

7. Matthew McConaughey (Austin FC)

Matthew McConaughey, a Texas native, is deeply invested in Austin FC, a club that joined MLS in 2021. As one of the primary investors, McConaughey has been a visible promoter of the club’s culture and community involvement.

8. Mesut Ozil, Eva Longoria & Kate Upton (Necaxa)

A consortium featuring celebrities and former footballers, led by Tylis-Porter, owns 50% of Mexico’s Club Necaxa, promising a revitalization of the club following a challenging decade.

9. David Beckham (Inter Miami)

Football icon David Beckham is a pivotal figure in Major League Soccer, first as a player and now as a co-owner of Inter Miami, enhancing the league’s profile globally and locally since the team’s inception.

10. Ciara and Macklemore (Seattle Sounders)

Grammy Award-winning artist Ciara and hip-hop musician Macklemore, along with NFL player Russell Wilson, hold partial ownership of the Seattle Sounders, marking a blend of sports and music in football club ownership.

11. LeBron James and Drake (AC Milan)

LeBron James, alongside musician Drake, joined RedBird Capital Partners to partake in the ownership of AC Milan, one of Italy’s premier football teams, after a significant takeover completed in August 2022.

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