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Top 10 best south American players this season (2024)

From the sun-kissed shores of Brazil to the bustling streets of Argentina, South American footballers have stamped their authority in leagues far and wide, leaving an indelible mark with their performances. In this article, we delve into the pulsating world of football and shine a spotlight on the top South American players who have set the stage alight during the 2023/24 campaign.

With each passing season, the competition among players intensifies, fueling a relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether it’s mesmerizing dribbles, clinical finishing, or imperious defending, South American players possess a unique blend of skill, passion, and creativity that sets them apart on the global stage.

As we embark on this journey to celebrate the best of South American talent, it’s important to acknowledge the diverse paths these players have taken to reach the pinnacle of the sport. From humble beginnings in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the academies of Buenos Aires, their journey is a testament to dedication, sacrifice, and unwavering belief in their abilities.

Throughout this article, we’ll dissect the standout performers of the 2023/24 season, analyzing their contributions to their respective teams and their impact on the beautiful game as a whole. From established superstars to emerging prodigies, South America continues to produce a conveyor belt of talent that enriches the global footballing landscape.

Join us ( sholynationsport) as we embark on a journey through the highs and lows of the 2023/24 season, celebrating the skill, passion, and sheer brilliance of South America’s finest footballers. From the hallowed grounds of the Maracanã to the storied stadiums of Europe, their influence reverberates far and wide, reminding us why football is more than just a game—it’s a way of life.

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Current Season Stats (MLS):

  • Average Rating: 8.80
  • Goals: 12
  • Assists: 9

In a move that sent shockwaves across the footballing world, Lionel Messi, the Argentine maestro, made a historic transition to Major League Soccer, donning the colors of Inter Miami. Despite the change in scenery, Messi has wasted no time in making his mark on the North American football landscape. With an astonishing average rating of 8.80, Messi’s impact on the pitch transcends mere statistics. In just nine MLS appearances, he has found the back of the net on ten occasions while also providing nine assists, showcasing his unparalleled vision, precision, and goal-scoring prowess. Whether orchestrating attacks from midfield or delivering inch-perfect through balls to his teammates, Messi’s influence on the game is undeniable. As he continues to acclimate to his new surroundings, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness Messi’s magic firsthand, as he seeks to lead Inter Miami to glory in the MLS and further solidify his status as one of the greatest players of all time.

2. Luis Suárez (Uruguay)

Current Season Stats (MLS):

  • Average Rating: 7.85
  • Goals: 12
  • Assists: 5

Teaming up with Lionel Messi at Inter Miami, Luis Suárez has been a revelation in Major League Soccer during the 2023/24 season. The Uruguayan striker has showcased his predatory instincts and clinical finishing, tallying an impressive 11 goals and providing 5 assists in the campaign so far. Suárez’s ability to find the back of the net with precision and composure has been a valuable asset for his team, complementing Messi’s creativity and vision in the final third. With an average rating of 7.85, Suárez’s impact extends beyond his goal-scoring exploits, as he consistently brings a tenacity and work ethic that energizes his teammates and galvanizes the Inter Miami faithful. As the season progresses, Suárez’s partnership with Messi promises to unlock even more attacking opportunities, as they aim to propel Inter Miami to success in the MLS and etch their names in the annals of footballing history.

3. Vinícius Júnior (Brazil)

Current Season Stats (La Liga):

  • Average Rating: 7.58
  • Goals: 15
  • Assists: 6

Current Season Stats (UEFA Champions League):

  • Goals: 6
  • Assists: 5

Emerging as a pivotal figure for Real Madrid, Vinícius Júnior has enjoyed a breakout season in both La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. The Brazilian winger’s electrifying pace and clinical finishing have made him a nightmare for opposition defenders, as evidenced by his impressive tally of 15 goals and 5 assists in 25 La Liga appearances. Vinícius has carried his stellar form onto the European stage, notching 5 goals and providing 4 assists in the Champions League, further cementing his status as one of the brightest young talents in world football. With a rating of 7.58, Vinícius consistently delivers impactful performances for Real Madrid, utilizing his dribbling skills and creativity to unlock defenses and contribute to his team’s success. As he continues to mature and develop his game, Vinícius represents the future of Brazilian football, poised to make a lasting impression on the sport at both the club and international levels.

4. Rodrygo (Brazil)

Current Season Stats (La Liga):

  • Average Rating: 7.4
  • Goals: 10
  • Assists: 5

Current Season Stats (UEFA Champions League):

  • Goals: 5
  • Assists: 3

Rodrygo, the young Brazilian sensation, has been a revelation for Real Madrid during the 2023/24 season, playing a pivotal role in their campaign both domestically and in the UEFA Champions League. With an average rating of 7.4 in La Liga, Rodrygo has showcased his attacking prowess, bagging 10 goals and providing 4 assists in the league. His contributions have been equally impactful on the European stage, where he has scored 5 goals and provided 2 assists in the Champions League, including crucial strikes that have propelled Real Madrid to the final of the prestigious tournament. Rodrygo’s ability to deliver in high-pressure situations has endeared him to the Real Madrid faithful, as he continues to grow into one of the most promising talents in world football. With his blistering pace, technical ability, and eye for goal, Rodrygo is poised to be a key figure for both club and country for years to come, leaving an indelible mark on the sport as he realizes his full potential.

5. Ángel Di María (Argentina)

Current Season Stats (Primeira Liga):

  • Average Rating: 7.86
  • Goals: 9
  • Assists: 11

Ángel Di María, the Argentine magician, has been a standout performer for Benfica in the Primeira Liga during the 2023/24 season. With a commendable rating of 7.86, Di María has been instrumental in Benfica’s campaign, contributing both goals and assists with remarkable consistency. In 28 league appearances, Di María has notched 9 goals and provided 10 assists, showcasing his versatility and playmaking ability on the pitch. His astute vision, pinpoint passing, and ability to unlock defenses have been invaluable assets for Benfica, as they strive for success both domestically and in European competitions. Di María’s experience at the highest levels of the game shines through in his performances, as he continues to be a driving force for his team week in and week out. With his flair, creativity, and unwavering determination, Di María exemplifies the qualities of a true footballing maestro, leaving an indelible mark on the Primeira Liga and further solidifying his status as one of Argentina’s finest exports.

6. Federico Valverde (Uruguay)

Current Season Stats (La Liga):

  • Goals: 2
  • Assists: 7

Federico Valverde, the industrious Uruguayan midfielder, may not boast the flashiest statistics, but his contributions to Real Madrid extend far beyond mere numbers. Despite scoring just 2 goals and providing 7 assists in La Liga this season, Valverde’s impact on the team is immeasurable. Renowned for his work rate, versatility, and tactical intelligence, Valverde plays a pivotal role in Real Madrid’s midfield engine room, dictating play, breaking up opposition attacks, and initiating counter-attacks with his precise passing and tireless running. His ability to seamlessly transition between defensive and attacking phases of play has earned him the admiration of fans and teammates alike. Valverde’s importance to Real Madrid extends beyond individual accolades, as he embodies the ethos of teamwork and selflessness, always putting the collective success of the team above personal glory. As Real Madrid continues to chase silverware on multiple fronts, Valverde’s contributions will undoubtedly be instrumental in their pursuit of glory, showcasing the invaluable role played by midfield maestros like him in the beautiful game.

7. Lautaro Martínez (Argentina)

Current Season Stats (Serie A):

  • Average Rating: 7.6
  • Goals: 24
  • Assists: 3

Current Season Stats (UEFA Champions League):

  • Goals: 2

Lautaro Martínez has emerged as a talismanic figure for Inter Milan in Serie A during the 2023/24 season, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess and clinical finishing with remarkable consistency. With an impressive average rating of 7.6, Martínez has been a nightmare for opposition defenses, finding the back of the net 24 times and providing 3 assists in just 32 Serie A appearances. His ability to lead the line with intelligence, strength, and precision has been instrumental in Inter Milan’s pursuit of domestic success. Martínez has also made his mark on the European stage, contributing two goals in the UEFA Champions League, further solidifying his reputation as one of the most lethal strikers in world football. His knack for finding space, making incisive runs, and converting chances with aplomb has endeared him to the Inter Milan faithful, as they dream of reclaiming glory both domestically and on the continental stage. As Martínez continues to hone his craft and lead the line for Inter Milan, his influence on the team’s fortunes will be pivotal, as they strive to cement their status as one of Europe’s elite clubs.

8. Paulo Dybala (Argentina)

Current Season Stats (Serie A):

  • Average Rating: 7.5
  • Goals: 13
  • Assists: 9

Current Season Stats (UEFA Europa League):

  • Goals: 2
  • Assists: 1

Paulo Dybala, the elegant Argentine playmaker, has found a new home at AS Roma and has proven to be a key contributor to their Serie A campaign during the 2023/24 season. Despite facing challenges with injuries, Dybala has managed to showcase his undeniable talent, tallying 13 goals and providing 9 assists in Serie A. His ability to unlock defenses with his vision, dribbling, and precise passing has been crucial for AS Roma as they navigate the rigors of Italian football. Additionally, Dybala has made valuable contributions in the UEFA Europa League, scoring 2 goals and providing 1 assist to help propel AS Roma’s European campaign. With a rating of 7.5, Dybala’s impact on the pitch goes beyond statistics, as he brings creativity, flair, and leadership to the AS Roma squad. As he continues to settle into his new surroundings and overcome any lingering injury concerns, Dybala remains a pivotal figure for AS Roma, driving them forward in their pursuit of success both domestically and on the European stage.

10. Julián Álvarez (Argentina)

Current Season Stats (Premier League):

  • Goals: 11
  • Assists: 9

Current Season Stats (UEFA Champions League):

  • Goals: 5
  • Assists: 2

Julián Álvarez has made a significant impact for Manchester City despite limited playing time during the 2023/24 season. The Argentine striker has showcased his goal-scoring prowess and creative abilities, registering 11 goals and providing 9 assists in the Premier League. His clinical finishing and vision have been instrumental in Manchester City’s domestic campaign, providing crucial contributions in their pursuit of silverware. Additionally, Álvarez has proven his worth on the European stage, scoring 4 goals and providing 2 assists in the UEFA Champions League, despite not featuring as regularly as he would have liked. Despite the challenges of adapting to a new league and competing for playing time in a star-studded squad, Álvarez has demonstrated his quality whenever called upon, earning the trust of his teammates and the admiration of the Manchester City faithful. As he continues to develop and integrate further into the team, Álvarez’s potential knows no bounds, as he aims to establish himself as a key figure for Manchester City both domestically and in Europe.

10. Alexis Mac Allister (Argentina)

Alexis Mac Allister, akin to Federico Valverde in his understated yet invaluable contributions, epitomizes the essence of a versatile midfielder for Brighton & Hove Albion. While his statistics may not leap off the page, his impact on the team transcends numbers, shaping the rhythm and flow of the game through his astute passing, intelligent movement, and unwavering work ethic. Despite his modest goal-scoring and assist tallies, Mac Allister’s ability to control the tempo of matches and provide defensive cover make him an indispensable asset for Brighton. His adaptability to various midfield roles allows him to seamlessly transition between offensive and defensive phases of play, providing stability and balance to the team’s structure. As Brighton continues to navigate the challenges of the Premier League, Mac Allister’s contributions serve as a testament to the importance of unsung heroes in the modern game, embodying the ethos of teamwork and selflessness that underpins success at the highest level.

Notably mentioned

  1. Rodrigo De Paul (Argentina)
  2. Brian Rodríguez (Uruguay)
  3. Matías Zaracho (Argentina)
  4. Cristian Romero (Argentina)
  5. Enzo Fernández (Argentina)
  6. Ronald Araújo (Uruguay)
  7. Matheus Henrique (Brazil)
  8. Luis Diaz (Colombia)
  9. Nunez (Uruguay )
  10. Gabriel Magalhães (Brazil)
  11. Exequiel Palacios (Argentina)
  12. Emi Martinez ( Argentina ) Aston villa goal keeper who has played a great role to keep Aston villa in the top 4 fight in the premier league

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