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Top 20 flop signings this season (2024)

In the tumultuous world of football, where success is measured in goals and trophies, the pursuit of talent can sometimes lead clubs down treacherous paths. The 2023/24 season stands as a testament to this reality, as several high-profile signings failed to live up to the hype, leaving fans and managers alike scratching their heads in disappointment. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of these flop signings, dissecting the factors that contributed to their underwhelming performances and exploring the ramifications for both the clubs involved and the players themselves. Join us on a journey through the pitfalls of transfer market gambles, as we unravel the tales of promise unfulfilled and the harsh realities of elite football.

1. Nicolas Jackson Chelsea

Nicolas Jackson’s arrival at Chelsea in the 2023/24 season was met with high expectations, but his performance on the pitch failed to justify his hefty price tag of $37 million. Let’s delve into his stats and see where it all went wrong.

Player: Nicolas Jackson

  • Club: Chelsea
  • Price: $37 million
  • Premier League Appearances: 33
  • Games Started: 29
  • Average Minutes per Game: 80
  • Goals Scored: 14
  • Big Chances Missed: 23
  • Average SofaScore Rating: 6.99

Despite scoring 14 goals, Jackson’s performance was marred by his profligacy in front of goal, having missed a staggering 23 big chances throughout the season. While his goal-scoring record may seem impressive at first glance, his inability to convert crucial opportunities proved costly for Chelsea.

Moreover, Jackson’s average SofaScore rating of 6.99 indicates a mediocre performance overall, failing to make a significant impact on the team’s success. With his inconsistent form and wastefulness in front of goal, Jackson’s tenure at Chelsea leaves much to be desired.

As Chelsea evaluates their transfer dealings for the upcoming seasons, the case of Nicolas Jackson serves as a cautionary tale, reminding clubs of the risks associated with high-priced signings that fail to deliver on the pitch.

2. Mason Mount ( Manchester united )

Mason Mount’s move to Manchester United during the 2023/24 season was anticipated to be a transformative one, but his contribution on the pitch fell far short of expectations. Let’s dissect his underwhelming stats during his time at the club.

Player: Mason Mount

  • Club: Manchester United
  • Performance Summary:
  • Games Played: 16
  • Average Rating: 6.75
  • Chances Created: 0
  • Tackles Made: 0
  • Assists: 0
  • Goals Scored: 1

Mount’s tenure at Manchester United was marked by a glaring lack of productivity across key areas of the pitch. Despite featuring in 16 games, his inability to create chances, register tackles, or provide assists raised serious concerns about his effectiveness in the squad.

Scoring just one goal further compounded Mount’s disappointing spell, highlighting his struggles to make a meaningful impact in the attacking third. With zero assists to his name, he failed to contribute significantly to Manchester United’s offensive endeavors.

While individual performances can fluctuate, Mount’s inability to leave a mark on the field suggests a deeper issue with his integration into the team’s system. Manchester United’s investment in Mount failed to yield the desired results, raising questions about the rationale behind his acquisition.

As Manchester United reflects on their recruitment strategies, Mount’s stint at the club serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough scouting and careful evaluation before finalizing signings, to avoid costly missteps in the transfer market.

3. Rasmus Hujland (m. United )

Rasmus Hujland’s transfer to the Premier League came with a hefty price tag of $75 million, raising expectations for a significant impact on the field. However, his performance during the 2023/24 season fell short of justifying the investment made by his club. Let’s examine his statistics and assess his contributions.

Player: Rasmus Hujland

  • Premier League Appearances: 28
  • Club: Manchester United
  • Average SofaScore Rating: 6.8
  • Goals Scored: 8
  • Big Chances Missed: 13
  • Transfer Fee: $75 million

Despite featuring in 28 Premier League games, Hujland’s return of 8 goals failed to meet the anticipated output for a player of his caliber. Additionally, his average SofaScore rating of 6.8 suggests a middling performance level, falling short of the standards expected from a marquee signing.

One of the most concerning aspects of Hujland’s season was his profligacy in front of goal, having missed 13 big chances throughout the campaign. For a player signed with the intention of bolstering the team’s attacking prowess, such wastefulness represents a significant underachievement.

While individual performances can be influenced by various factors, Hujland’s struggles to make a decisive impact raise questions about his adaptation to the rigors of the Premier League. Despite his talent and potential, his inability to consistently deliver on the field has left supporters and pundits alike disappointed.

As his club reflects on the substantial investment made in acquiring his services, they will undoubtedly scrutinize Hujland’s performance and assess the need for adjustments moving forward. In a league known for its unforgiving nature, Hujland’s stint serves as a cautionary tale about the risks associated with exorbitant transfer fees and the importance of delivering results on the pitch.

4. Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema’s transition to the Saudi league following his Ballon d’Or triumph was met with intrigue and anticipation. However, his performance on the pitch left many wondering if he lived up to the expectations befitting his stature. Let’s delve into his statistics and dissect his time in the desert sands.

Player: Karim Benzema

  • League: Saudi League
  • Games Played: 21
  • Goals Scored: 9
  • Big Chances Missed: 12
  • Dribbles: 0
  • Big Chances Created: 1-2
  • Average SofaScore Rating: 7.4

Benzema’s move to the Saudi league was viewed as a departure from the elite European competition, yet the expectations remained high given his recent accolades. However, his performance in the desert landscape was marked by inconsistency and missed opportunities.

Scoring 9 goals in 21 games is respectable, but for a player of Benzema’s caliber, there was an anticipation for more. His profligacy in front of goal, highlighted by the 12 big chances missed, raises concerns about his sharpness and composure in crucial moments.

Moreover, the absence of dribbles and big chances created underscores a lack of influence in driving the attacking play, which is typically associated with Benzema’s style of play. While his average SofaScore rating of 7.4 suggests a solid contribution, it fails to capture the full essence of his performance relative to his esteemed reputation.

As Benzema navigates this new chapter in his career, critics and fans alike will scrutinize his output in the Saudi league, questioning whether he truly maximized his potential in a setting deemed less competitive than his previous endeavors. Regardless, his presence in the league adds a layer of intrigue and star power, reminding us of the global appeal of football and the enigmatic journeys undertaken by its brightest stars.

6. Andrew Onana

Andrew Onana’s stint as Manchester United’s goalkeeper during the 2023/24 season was filled with highs and lows, as he navigated the challenges of the Premier League and beyond. Let’s analyze his performance and the turbulent journey he experienced between the sticks.

Player: Andrew Onana

  • Club: Manchester United
  • Games Played: 36
  • Clean Sheets: 8
  • Goals Conceded: 1.6 per game (on average)
  • Penalties Saved: 1 out of 12 (including UCL)
  • Errors Leading to Goals: Multiple
  • Yellow Cards: 5 (due to arrogance)

Onana’s season was characterized by a mixture of frustration and flashes of brilliance. While he featured in 36 games, his tally of only 8 clean sheets underscores the challenges he faced in keeping opposition attacks at bay. Conceding an average of 1.6 goals per game reflects the defensive struggles encountered by Manchester United throughout the season.

Although Onana managed to save 1 penalty out of 12 faced, his performance in penalty situations left much to be desired, highlighting a potential area for improvement. Additionally, his involvement in multiple errors leading to goals compounded the defensive woes faced by his team.

Off the pitch, Onana’s disciplinary issues came to the forefront, as he received 5 yellow cards attributed to arrogance. Such indiscipline not only affected his personal performance but also impacted the team’s cohesion and stability at critical moments.

As Manchester United evaluates their goalkeeping options for the future, Onana’s season serves as a reminder of the demanding nature of the Premier League and the importance of consistency and discipline in the role between the sticks. While his journey may have been tumultuous, it offers valuable lessons for both player and club as they strive for success in the seasons to come.

7. Ousmane Dembélé ( PSG)

Ousmane Dembélé’s transfer to his new club came with sky-high expectations, fueled by a hefty price tag and the promise of dazzling performances on the pitch. However, his debut season failed to live up to the anticipation, marred by underwhelming statistics and missed opportunities. Let’s dissect his performance and the challenges he faced during his time at the club.

Player: Ousmane Dembélé

  • Games Played: 26
  • Goals Scored: 3
  • Big Chances Missed: 6
  • Transfer Fee: $70 million (with hidden bonuses)

Dembélé’s season was marked by a glaring lack of goal-scoring proficiency, with only 3 goals to his name in 26 appearances. For a player signed with such a significant investment, the meager return in front of goal fell far short of the club’s expectations and the fans’ hopes.

Additionally, Dembélé’s profligacy in front of goal, evident in the 6 big chances missed, exacerbated concerns about his efficiency and composure in critical moments. These missed opportunities not only deprived the team of valuable goals but also highlighted Dembélé’s struggles to make a decisive impact on the pitch.

The hefty transfer fee, coupled with hidden bonuses, only added to the pressure on Dembélé to deliver results. However, his inability to consistently perform at the expected level raises questions about the rationale behind such a substantial investment and the effectiveness of the club’s scouting and recruitment process.

As the club reflects on Dembélé’s debut season and plans for the future, they will undoubtedly assess the need for adjustments in their transfer strategy and player evaluation criteria. While Dembélé possesses undeniable talent, his struggles serve as a cautionary tale about the risks associated with high-priced signings and the importance of thorough due diligence in the transfer market.

8. Moise kean

Title: Moise Kean’s Juventus Return: A Struggle for Goals

Moise Kean’s return to Juventus was met with anticipation, with fans hopeful for a resurgence of the promising striker. However, his second stint at the club during the 2023/24 season proved to be a challenging one, marked by a lack of goals and missed opportunities. Let’s delve into Kean’s performance and the frustrations that defined his time back at Juventus.

Player: Moise Kean

  • Club: Juventus
  • Transfer Fee: $28 million
  • Games Played: 19
  • Goals Scored: 0
  • Big Chances Missed: 4

Kean’s inability to find the back of the net despite featuring in 19 games was a significant disappointment for Juventus and their supporters. With a transfer fee of $28 million, there were high hopes for Kean to provide a potent goal-scoring threat, but his barren spell in front of goal left much to be desired.

The missed opportunities further compounded Kean’s struggles, as he failed to capitalize on crucial chances to make a meaningful impact on the scoreline. With 4 big chances missed, Kean’s lack of composure in front of goal became a glaring concern, highlighting his difficulty in converting promising opportunities into tangible results.

As Juventus evaluates their attacking options for the future, Kean’s disappointing return serves as a reminder of the challenges associated with integrating young talents into the first team. While Kean possesses undeniable potential, his struggles during the 2023/24 season underscore the need for patience and support as he continues to develop and mature as a player.

As Kean reflects on his time back at Juventus, he will be eager to put his goal drought behind him and rediscover his scoring touch in the seasons to come. With determination and perseverance, Kean has the opportunity to fulfill his potential and make a meaningful contribution to Juventus’ success in the future.

9. Randal Kolo Muani (psg)

Randal Kolo Muani’s arrival at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) amidst high expectations and a significant transfer fee promised to inject vitality into the team’s attacking prowess. However, his debut season at the club in the 2023/24 campaign presented a mixed bag of performances, with glimpses of potential tempered by inconsistencies. Let’s analyze Muani’s contribution and the nuances of his inaugural season at PSG.

Player: Randal Kolo Muani

  • Club: Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)
  • Transfer Fee: $60 million
  • Games Played: 27
  • Goals Scored: 6
  • Big Chances Missed: 3

Muani’s debut season at PSG showcased moments of brilliance, with the forward finding the back of the net on 6 occasions in 27 appearances. While his goal-scoring record demonstrated promise, it also hinted at a need for greater efficiency and productivity in front of goal, especially considering the significant investment made in his acquisition.

Despite his relatively modest goal tally, Muani’s ability to convert opportunities was evident, with only 3 big chances missed throughout the season. This suggests a level of composure and clinical finishing that bodes well for his future development and contributions to the team.

As PSG evaluates Muani’s performance and integration into the squad, they will likely weigh his goal-scoring output against the expectations associated with his hefty price tag. While Muani’s debut season may not have yielded prolific numbers, his potential and contributions provide a foundation upon which he can build and thrive in future campaigns.

With time and experience, Muani has the opportunity to further refine his skills and cement his place as a key figure in PSG’s attacking lineup. As he continues to acclimate to the demands of top-flight football, PSG and its supporters will eagerly anticipate Muani’s growth and evolution as a player, with the hope of witnessing his true potential blossom on the grand stage.

10. Sofyam Ambrat

Sofyam Ambrat’s loan move to Manchester United was met with high expectations, with the club hoping to benefit from the promising talent of the young midfielder. However, his tenure at the club failed to live up to the anticipation, as he struggled to make a meaningful impact on the pitch. Let’s delve into Ambrat’s disappointing spell at Manchester United and the lack of influence he exerted during his time there.

Player: Sofyam Ambrat

  • Club: Manchester United (on loan)
  • Impact: Zero

Ambrat’s loan deal at Manchester United was intended to provide him with valuable playing time and opportunities to showcase his talent on a larger stage. However, despite the optimism surrounding his arrival, he failed to make any discernible impact during his time at the club.

With expectations running high, Ambrat’s inability to leave a mark on the pitch raises questions about his readiness for top-flight football and his ability to cope with the demands of a club of Manchester United’s stature. His lack of influence on the team’s performances further underscores the disappointing nature of his loan spell.

As Manchester United evaluates their squad and plans for the future, they will likely reassess the value of loan deals and the criteria used to assess potential recruits. While Ambrat’s time at the club may have been unremarkable, it serves as a learning experience for both player and club, highlighting the need for careful consideration and scrutiny in future transfer dealings.

As Ambrat returns to his parent club, he will be tasked with regaining his form and confidence, with the hope of making a more significant impact in the future. While his stint at Manchester United may not have gone as planned, it represents a stepping stone in his development as a player, providing valuable lessons to carry forward in his career.

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